A Child of the King

One day the undeserving criminal will be walking the streets of gold in Paradise. Wait! Let's better say . . . one day I will be walking the streets of gold. I am sure that many will wonder what am I doing there. How did I get to heaven? Well . . . I can't wait for Jesus to turn around, and in a thunderous voice reply, "She is with Me." Woo-hoo! I get goose bumps just thinking about it! Don't you?

I am an undeserving child of God, and yet I live with the full assurance of salvation. He has embraced me, kissed me, and has clothed me with His robe of righteousness. I have sandals on my feet because I am a child of the King. I have prayed the prodigal criminal's prayer and I have received the same assurance that he got that day. And you will receive the same response! . . .

I live within the paradox of two realities: I am undeserving and I am saved through Jesus Christ my Lord. 

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